Born : 1972 ,Vilnius,Lithuania

Address: Varpu 3-3,Vilnius,Lithuanias

Phone:+370 68824926

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1996- 1998           Vilnius Academy of Arts, Faculty of Applied Art, Ceramics Department, studies for Master’s Degree.

1992-1996            Vilnius Academy of Arts, Faculty of Applied Art, Ceramics Department, studies for Bachelor’s Degree.


From 1999 member of Lithuanian Artist Association


Solo exhibitions

2013 ,, Children of Mushrooms”. Gallery ,,Aukso pjūvis”,Kaunas,Lithuania

2006     ,,Stories,, Gallery,,Kvadratas,, Vilnius,Lithuania

2000       “The Shine of Dragon’s Eyes”. Gallery “Kairė-Dešinė”, Vilnius, Lithuania

1998       “The Road”. Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Group exhibitions

2013    ,,Ceramics without limits”,Pamėnkalnio gallery,Vilnius,Lithuania

2013     LAA collection ,,Synchrony”,galerie bij de Boeken,Ulf,Netherlands

2013   ,,Paper-tradition and experiment”,gallery ,,Arka”.Vilnius,Lithuania

2013    ,,Amžinas ratas”,LAA gallery,Vilnius,Lithuania

2013     Exhibition of ,,Kohila ceramics symposium 2013” works,Kohila,Estonia

2013    ,,Mes-Redukcija 2013” , Ceramics museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

2013    VII-th.Baltic exhibition of contemporary ceramics ,,Spring 2013” Ceramics museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

2013   ,,VERTE:31”,gallery Juozas ART,Vilnius,Lithuania

2012     II-nd Vilnius Ceramic Art Biennial,gallery,,Arka”,Vilnius,Lithuania

2012,   ,Art for home”,furniture and interior center,,Domus galerija’,Vilnius,Lithuania

2012     Lithuanian Art 2012:ceramic,textile,metal. ,,Ramybes”gallery,Palanga,Lithuania

2012     Lithuanian Art 2012:ceramic,textile,metal.,,XX”gallery,Panevezys,Lithuania

2012    ,,Summer ideas” ”.„Novotel Vilnius Centre“,Vilnius,Lithuania

2012    ,,The Thing.Green“.Exhibition curator. Lithuanian Artist Association gallery,Vilnius,Lithuania

2012     VI-th Baltic exhibition of contemporary ceramics ,,Spring 2012” Ceramics museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

2011     IV Papper Art Symposium and exhibition, ,,St.Jono street”gallery, Vilnius,Lithuania

2011     Lithuanian Art 2011:ceramic,textile,metal. Energetcs Museum, Vilnius,Lithuania

2011    International  Exhibition of Small  Forms Porcelain, Riga Porcelain Museum,Riga,Latvia

2011    XI international  symposium of ceramics,,Mes”exhibition,,Redukcija 2011”,Daugavpils,Latvia

2011    XI international  symposium of ceramics,,Mes”exhibition,,Redukcija”, Ceramics museum,Kaunas,Lithuania

2011,   V-th Baltic exhibition of contemporary ceramics,Spring 2011’’ Ceramics museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

2011   ,,Druzba narodov’’,Applied Art and Design museum,Talin,Estonia

2010   ,,Druzba narodov’’,Artist house,Tartu

2010   ,,Grybai village pleners’’,MMC,Vilnius

2010     Mobile exhibition of applied art,Poland,Italy

2010     Vilnius Ceramics Art Biennial, ,,Arka”,Vilnius,Lithuania

2010    “Sign”.Warsaw, Poland

2010    “Spring 2010”. Ceramics museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

2009 International  Exhibition of Small  Forms Porcelain, Riga Porcelain Museum,Riga,Latvia

2009 ,,Redukcija II,, Ceramics museum,Kaunas,Lithuania

2009     ,,CERAMICA MULTIPLEX 2009,, city Museum of Varazdin,Croatia

2009     ,,Sring 2009,, Ceramics museum,Kaunas,Lithuania

2009      Project “Symposiums of Grybai countryside” exhibition, gallery,,Kaire-desine,,Vilnius,Lithuania

2008    ,,Spring2008,,Republican ceramics exhibition, Ceramics museum,Kaunas,Lithuania

2007    ,,..from love..,,Rutos gallery,Vilnius,Lithuania

2006    Ceramics exhibition-competition,,Elefant of a year,,Winer of nomination ,,Elefant of a year,,gallery,,Kvadratas,,Vilnius

2006    ,,Anagama,,Museum of Energetics,Vilnius,Lithuania

2006     42-int.ceram.assambly(I.A.C.)Exhibition of Lithuanian ceramics.Gallery,,Arka,, Vilnius,Lithuania

2005    ,,Applied Art 2005,,.Gallery,,Arka,, Vilnius,Lithuania

2005    “One ocean – divers skys”.Galery “ARTima”,Vilnius,Lithuania

2004       “Lithuanian Ceramics and China”. “K”gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

2003       “Paraphrase”. Art Gallery of Hacettep University, Turkey

2002       “Applied Art 2002”. Gallery “Medalių galerija”, Vilnius, Lithuania

1999       Exhibition for Acceptance in the Lithuanian Artist’s Association (LAA). LAA Exhibition Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1997       “Expozicija”. Etnography Museum of Alytus, Lithuania

1997       “Pictures”. Gallery “Akademija”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1997       “Rieda margutis”. Gallery “Eglės”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1996       “Applied Art  96”. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

1996       “100 Cups”. Gallery “Skliautai”, Vilnius, Lithuania

1995       Christmas Exhibition.Lithuanian Technical Library, Vilnius, Lithuania .

1995       “VISKO”. Gallery ”Langas”, Kaunas, Lithuania

1994, 1995 Participant of Days of Student Art, VAA, Vilnius, Lithuania



2013  ,,Kohila ceramics symposium 2013”,Kohila,Estonia

2011  IV-th.Paper-art symposium,Vilnius,Lithuania

2011  ,,Land art”,Grybai village,Lithuania

2010   Daugavpils 735.Experimental burning,Daugavpils,Latvia

2010   Grybai village symposium,Lithuania

2009   X international ceramics symposium,,Redukcija”,Kaunas,Lithuania

2009    symposium,,Object.Subject,, Grybai village,Lithuania

2009    partisipant in project,,Literatu street,,Vilnius,Lithuania

2008    partisipant in project,,Literatu street,,Vilnius,Lithuania

2008    international  workshop,,Mola tinkskiesonaBerkenele,,J .Rainis Haus-museum,Berkenele,Latvia

2008    symposium,,Image and Sound,, Grybai,Lithuania

2007    Fifth international symposium and workshop,,Person.Color.Nature.Musics,, Daugavpils,Latvia

2006     international symposium,,Anagama,, Gojus village,Lithuania

2004   “With Ceramics through Ages”.International Summer Workshop and Exhibition, Wegorzevo Etnography Museum, Poland

2000    The 1st International Paper-art Symposium, “Pop menas 2000”, Dusėtos, Lithuania

1999   “Summer Ceramics Workshop 99”, International Symposium and Exhibition. Pragues Art Academy, Prague, Czech Republic.

1999   “Solstice 2000”. International Ceramics Symposium and Exhibition, Zvartawa, Latvia

1997   VAA 1st International Students’ Seminar-Workshop and Exhibition . Gallery “Akademija”, Vilnius, Lithuania

1996   5th international “IRIS” Biennial .  Joint exhibition and report “Short overview of Lithuanian Ceramics”. Porvoo-Borga, Finland.



2013   Kohila ceramics symposiums collection,Estonia

2009    City Museum of Varazdin,Croatia

2008    J.Rainis Hause-museum,Berkenele,Latvia

2004    Museum Kultury Ludowej,Wergozewo,Poland

1998   Vilnius Art Academy Museum,Lithuania

1996   Porvoo-Borga town museum,,IRIS,, collection,Finland


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